The Pattern


Here’s the pattern:

1)    Make brilliant travel plans or plans for some new experience.

2)    Either look forward to trip/experience or ignore the fact that it is impending until the departure date.

3)    Depart.

4)    Freak out upon arrival. (This “freak out” could include but is not limited to: mild depression, anxiety, weeping, or need to call all manner of friends and loved ones for reassurance. Self-absorption is a given, as is possible hatred of everyone in surrounding area who seems to be enjoying self.)

5)    Calm down.

6)    Enjoy self minimally but count down hours until ordeal will be over.

7)    Realize trip is almost over and get morose because no longer wish to leave.

8)    Go home and wax nostalgic about what a good time it was, completely forgetting hours spent wailing and gnashing teeth because just want to be home.

Keep an eye out for it. It’s going to happen. Again and again and again.  I won’t remember myself that this will happen, and I probably won’t appreciate it if you remind me. But you’ve been warned.

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